`Ra Boats, Row Boats and Robots, Part One`


`Ra Boats, Row Boats and Robots, Part Two`

Robin Bright (Robin Usher) is a science fiction critic, who wrote 'Jungian Archetypes in the work of Robert A. Heinlein' as his PhD thesis at Hull University in 1992, and which appeared as Self-Begetting, Self-Devouring: Jungian Archetypes in the Fiction of Robert A. Heinlein, Milford Series, Popular Writers Of Today # 70, Borgo Press, San Barnardino, California, USA, 1997, before being rewritten as Self Begetting Ouroboros: The Science Fiction of Robert A. Heinlein', Lambert Academic Publishing, December 2018. His articles include, 'Robert A. Heinlein: Theologist?' in the British Journal Of Science Fiction: Foundation, 1992, (54), pp. 70-86, `Male And Female He Created Them Both: Beyond The Archetypes`, in the British Journal Of Science Fiction: Foundation, 2011, (112), pp. 27-39, `The Reservoir Dogs and Sad Dam Who`s Sane: An Essay From A Constructionalist Point Of View`, 1KM1KT, One Thousand Monkeys, One Thousand Typewriters, Friday, September 30, 2011,`, Help! I Can`t Breed!` in John Thiel (ed.) Surprising Stories, Oort Cloud Publications, VacHume Press, September 2013, # 33, , `Dropping In With Starship Troopers: An Outing For Robert A. Heinlein`, January 2014, # 34, , May 2014, # 36, `SF Music and Heinlein: Hot Gossip featuring Sarah Brightman`s Starship Trooper and Britney Spears` Oops! ... I Did It Again`,,

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`I Will Fear No Evil`, p. 25-9.

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`Twentieth Century Fox Hole`

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`SF, Music, and Heinlein`, and `Attacob!`

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Planetary Stories - 37

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`Invasion Of The Body Snatchers`

be harnessed if such high objectives are to be realized, `I am superior, sir, in many ways. But I would gladly give it up to be human.' Data is a better human because he`s a better machine or robot, but the male oriented fiction demands that Jesus` teachings be understood as human sacrifice, and so Data asks to die, because Star Trek writers represent the false perspective that the physical body isn`t heaven bound; despite hundreds of TOS scenes featuring the transporter of the starship Enterprise teleporting humans from planets to take them through galaxies to other planets, `Mister Spock, the Captain, Lieutenant Uhura, and Chekov. they vanished. They got onto the transporter platform and they just vanished.' Just Fiction! Edition, January 30, 2019, pp 252. Starfleet Eastern III, 'Although it`s a question not usually thought of as being germane to human civilization, culture and art, Christianity ought to ask: what is the Satanist manifesto? Starfleet III is aimed at Christians, and like-minded people, who’re concerned about the future of space exploration, and colonization of the planets amongst the stars of heaven above the Earth where US’ President Ronald ’Ray Gun’ Reagan on March 23, 1982, proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), which was called ’Star Wars’ after the 1977 movie describing resistance to an evil Empire’s building of a ’Death Star’ to orbit and kill ’rebel’ planets. If the starships of Star Trek (1965-) in the United States of America`s long-running series of science fiction television shows and movie franchise about the adventures of humanity in Starfleet as a part of the United Federation of Planets, in a cosmos in which the people of Earth have expanded outward from their star, Sol, and colonized the solar system and the rest of the universe and beyond, held a planet like an apple and ate it, that`d be what Satanism is. Does the Earth want this?', JustFiction! Edition, February 6, 2019. All You Want To Know About Britney Spears, 'The single great eye of the spaceman's visor was the most idolized image of America in the 20th century, and Britney Spears' appearance in her video 'Oops! ... I Did It Again' is preceded by her spaceman's discovering a miniature cameo picture or icon of her in the sand, which marks the encounter Christian rather than idolatrous, because such icons are acceptable if spiritually meaningful. Descending inside her giant's ring at the beginning of the video, Britney represents the marriage of Venus Aphrodite; 'the pearl of great price' of the Bible: 'woman's seed' pearl: 'Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls; on finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.' (Matt: 13. 45-6) In terms of ’seed’ pearls, music listeners need look no further than Spears’ symbolic lyrics and video imagery to find wisdom.' JustFiction! Edition, February 15, 2019, All You Want To Know About Britney Spears II, 'Britney Spears` appearance on the cross of Jesus on the cover of the video single for the song, `Piece Of Me`, from the album, Blackout, precedes her songwriters` lyrical description of what her video directors depict as the consequences of the Earth`s acceptance of fascism, which is ultimately Satanical, because it promotes killing for the entertainment of an increasingly non-human parasitoid audience: `You wanna piece of me?` Although the video age was lauded as affording the opportunity to people to own and buy the movies and pop video recordings that they wanted to see repeatedly, recorded film was also the medium of the `snuff` genre, which was the recording of real life killings to be shown as entertainment to the parasitoid audience:`Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did.`5 Elton John`s lyric to `Candle In The Wind` (1973) originally lamented the death of Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood sex symbol found dead in the nude in 1962. However, it was also used to lament the death of the English Princess, Diana, whose car crashed in the Pont D` Alma tunnel in Paris, France, pursued by paparazzi trying to get a shot in in 1997, JUstFiction! Ediiton, February 2019, Splurt! is an article splurge on pop culture for those with teeny minds. Splurt! addresses where the school bus has been, and where it's off to. Miley Cyrus, US' dream girl, was Christened Hope and Destiny. Like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, whose name’s ‘eagle’ in Spanish, and Beyoncé Knowles’ all-girl group, Destiny`s Child, Miley’s name echoes mythically. After the movie, Star Wars: A New Hope IV (1977), and in an era of space-based missiles to knock out ICBMs, while incidentally imprisoning upon Earth anyone wanting to leave without US’ permission, the ’Strategic Defense Initiative’ (SDI) was named ’star wars’ by US’ President Ronald, ‘Ray Gun’, Reagan on March 23, 1982. The film featured a ‘Death Star’ of the evil Empire orbiting planets to kill them, whereas the ‘rebels’, led by Princess Leia, represented US’ Manifest Destiny replacing early Imperial ambitions with the desire to be a colonizer of planets. Splurt! It's out there!, JustFiction! Edition, March 2019, 'Television's Towering Silence', The Magazine of History and Fiction # 2, , April 2019.